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Over 50 years ago, G.E. "Moose" Detty invented the first neoprene knee sleeve for human athletes. As the head athletic trainer/physical therapist for the Philadelphia Eagles, his supports became an integral part of injury treatment for the team. Now, every NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB team as well as hundreds of colleges and universities have come to rely on PRO products. PRO is the standard of treatment for professional, Olympic, colligiate, and recreational athletes in over 28 countries worldwide.


PRO started out as a family venture and we take tremendous pride in keeping it that way. Gerry Detty has worked for PRO for 41 years in all aspects of the company; from production to sales and marketing and product design. Gerry, like his father "Moose," holds numerous US Patents for product design and innovation. Meghan Thiem has grown up in "the family business" and was actively involved during the development of the equine product line. Meghan and her horses often were the first to test product prototypes.


In 1998, PRO began a two year design and developement project for the equine athlete. Based on the same sound principles of anatomy and biomechanics used to develop all of their human products, PRO introduced an equine product so technically advanced that is was awarded a US Patent. Heralded by veterinarians and trainers alike, PRO products have been a major advancement in support and protection for the equine athlete all while setting a new standard in the industry. Today, at PRO's facility in Tucson, you will find the equine products going through the production process alongside the human products. The same quality, attention to detail, and superior materials and design are also afforded to all the equine products.


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Sports medicine products for the equine athlete. Family owned and operated. Products made in the USA.
Featured Items
H20R Cheetah Print REAR Sports Support Boots
Same patented PRO design as the original H20 sports supports, just 2” taller offering more support for the tendons and ligaments up the rear legs. Now available in cheetah print!
$94.95  $75.00
H70 Performance Pad
The deflection and rebound characteristics of this foam make it ideal for hard use. A full 1/2" inch thick foam body is bonded to a 1/4” felt top and 1/4" felt bottom cover for 1 full inch of exceptional durability.
$159.95  $130.00

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